Science has made tremendous progress and given innumerable invention that have made our life comfortable. The invention of computers in a wonder. Today’s age is the age of computers. Computers help us in giving accurate enquiries to our complicated and complex problems. The credit of inventing computer goes to Charles Babbage. The system of computer based is on made up intelligence. We feed possible answers to the question in the computer and button is pressed to get the correct answer. It helps man in finding future possibilities of the items developed already. Today the scientists are using computers in knowing as to how we can get better result for the existence of man on this planet. The computer does weather forecasting. The computers are expanding day by day. Today, almost every office, bank, railway station etc are being computerized. Classroom teaching is also being done with the help of computers. The big concerns and government offices use computers for their payrolls and other figures. The air traffic departments computerized their function in various divisions. All the big and developed countries use computers to solve their climatic, industrial and commercial problems. In some countries, traffic lights are also controlled with the help of computers. But computers can work only with the help of human brain. Thinking is done by human brain. This thinking is fed into the computer. Computer has become a source of employment of men in various capacities. Everyone should now have atleast the basic knowledge of computer.