India perhaps is the only country where caste system is followed rigidly. It is said that the system was initiated by Manu and since then it is prevalent for centuries. During all these periods people adopted the system willingly.

Originally, the cast system was based on “work culture”. Brahmins do workship and education, Kshatriyas were warriors. Vaishya do trade/business and Shudra do service to the people. At the initial stages, there were inter-mixture amongst different castes and there was no rigidity. There are some examples of these. Bhishma father had inter-caste marriage. The marriage of Dushyant and Shakuntala was also inter-caste.

Later, socio-economic changes and influence of Muslims made caste system very rigid. Even today there is sufficient rigidity. It has given rise to different type’s problem in the caste structure. Present casteism is full of many evils and drawback. Indirectly it has helped the growth of the dowry system.

Caste system should be removed from the society. At least, its rigidity is not being allowed to be operative. Caste system creates problems related to marriages. Inter-caste rivalry increases different types of problem in society. Hence, caste system must be curbed.

Caste system is still prevalent in India, South to North, East to West. Caste system also created employment problems.