Out of all the countries we see on the globe, India boasts of the most diverse and vivid culture and heritage. The India subcontinent is an abode to numerous civilizations each with a different and captivating history. India is known for its cultural richness and thus attracts many scholars from all over the world to study the diversity of our nation.

The cultural diversity is reflected in the food, art forms and lifestyles of people all over the country. Each region has its own cuisine and art forms which are known worldwide.While Kashmir boasts of rich spicy food and mesmerizing natural beauty of the hills and valleys; Kerala attracts people from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches, backwaters and traditional food served on banana leaves. While the seven sisters viz. the north eastern states are known for their spices, tea and crafts, Rajasthan boasts of a colorful desert life and culture. Thus we see a wide range of vivid cultures as we roam around in the country.essay topics

The reason behind such a diverse ethnicity and culture in India dates back to its histories and beginning of civilization. From the Indus valley civilization in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, to the great Mughal rule in India, we have retained a part of all these cultures which accounts for the mixed traditions, languages, life styles, cultures and societies in India. Moreover, the people from the western countries who ruled over parts of India, left behind a part of their ethnicity which were adopted by us and thus became a part of our culture as well. Also, many people had come to our nation for different purposes from all over the world, and settled down here. Generations after generations the traditions have been inherited and have become an integral part of the Indian multiculturalism. Today we boast of about different languages and dialects all over the country. Each region has its own ancient literature, art forms, industries and traditions which are related to their origin. Various literature texts and scriptures are found all over the country in various scripts which are an evidence of the diverse history India has had. Another facet in which this aspect of India is reflected is its ancient architecture and monuments. India is a land of temples and forts and amazing architecture. From the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra built by Shah Jahan to the beautiful temples of Madurai, each of the monuments have a different captivating story behind it which adds to the beauty of these monuments.

The heritage of India is not only an attraction to tourists but also scholars and archaeologists from all over the world who come to study the beauty of diversity in our country.

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