Essay Topics on MOBILE PHONE


Alexendar Graham Bell, a renowned U.S. scientist invented the telephone in 1876. 20th century was an age of revolution in scientific field. Among the many useful inventions mobile phone is also one of the latest gifts of science to man. It is a wonderful invention. It is an improved version of the landline phone which was so far considered to be, no doubt, a blessing of science. The old dial type phone apparatus gave way to the push button telephone, then the cordless telephone and finally the mobile phone small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

A mobile phone is a wonderful instrument which is very small in size but very big in functions. One can talk to one’s friend or anyone, from one’s running car or an aeroplane, a train or a bus, while enjoying a morning walk in a park or while watching movie in a cinema hall. It has facilitated people in innumerable ways. The business man uses it to boost his business by being in constant touch with his workers, clients and customers. The mobile phone has got a tremendous response from the public at the international level. Almost all the big cities of the world are connected with this network. These days we find many men, women and even school going children with a mobile phone. We can have face to face talk with a person living in the remotest areas with the twinkling of an eye. It is a big source of communication especially in the case of emergencies like accidents, robberies etc. We can inform the police or any other emergency service instantly.

The fact cannot be denied that this modern day phone has given rise to increased crime and criminals misuse it as and when they like. The criminals can, rather have been sending information on the mobile to rob or kill any of their targets from any place, any time. Similarly, when we are studying, worshipping or sleeping, the ringing of a mobile phone distracts us altogether. When the teacher is delivering a lecture or the important meeting in the Parliament or somewhere else is going on, the ringing of the phone disturbs everyone. But given the benefits of the system, this negative aspect is ignored. India has the lowest mobile phone tariff in the world. Today even the poorest of the poor can afford a mobile phone says. We can get a mobile phone connection over the counter and it is pocket friendly.

The black-dial telephone (of course there came some other colours too later on) stayed with us for ages but there is practically a new model of the mobile telephone launched almost every month by some manufacturer or the other with added features. With mobile telephone sets one can not only receive and make calls to one’s family and friends but can also take pictures with a built-in camera or listen to music or send text and picture messages to friends while one is out of the home, on the road, in a bus, train or an aeroplane and even in another city or country.

The mobile phone has the alarm clock to awake you or to remind you of something important at any time you may be in need of. People can listen to their favourite songs on the mobile phone. Some mobile phones have even the internet facility. The cell phone industry is trying hard to build phones which are able to receive high definition TV (HDTV) signals over the air, even though HDTV has yet to make its way into even most American living rooms. Texas Instruments, the largest maker of computer chips for mobile phones, plans to develop technology that will allow wireless handsets to receive hundreds of high-definition channels. Although Sprint and AT & T Wireless currently offer a service that allows cell phone users to watch live streaming from more than a dozen television channels over the cellular networks the picture delivery is very slow and not much like a real TV viewing experience. The push into high definition television reception by Texas Instruments and a handful of other chip makers could change all that. Of course one will have to pay a high price to avail such facilities. The 3G Technology also introduced in India gives access to even more features, the high speed internet, and video-calling facilities along with various other services. At the same time it might be a dangerous distraction to people who use their mobile phones while driving. It is said excessive use of mobile phone may pose health hazards especially for small children.

Keeping in view the advantages and disadvantages of this modern means of technology, it is for us to decide to make its proper use. People are using this technology both as a necessity, as well as a status symbol. It is advised by the medical experts that one should not keep the cell phone on/near the body all the time; one should avoid its prolonged use, especially when the appliance is close to the body. If one is using a head set one should make sure that the phone is still at a good distance from one’s body. It should be kept out of the pocket as much as possible. It is hard to separate oneself from one’s beloved cell phone at all the time, but when one’s health is potentially at risk, it is worth it.

Last but not the least, be careful with your mobile phone so as not to lose it.