The behavior of boys is a subject of concern and comment all over the world. Particularly distressing is the manifestation of insulting attitude towards school and college going girls. Wherever it may take place, a general enquiry is called for into the causes that have led to this kind of behavior. Lack of reverence for women is only an offshoot from a large evil. The real tragedy is surely the complete lack of self-discipline evident in the behavior of these youngsters. This lack of control needs to be dealt with broadly before we can hope to see improvements in its narrower aspects. We all know that the best way to teach a child anything is by example. But cases of children who misbehave prove too clearly that many parents and teachers undoubtedly fail calamitously in their duty. Both at home and school, far too many children are brought up to do only what they like- to do a job badly, to leave it unfinished, to have anything they want at the expense of other people’s convenience.

Parents say that they can’t manage their children. It becomes more and more difficult to find a teacher who can manage a class. And then, the behavior of parents and teacher is not always calculated to inspire respect. But, perhaps, the greatest harm is done by the perpetual rousing of senses by posters, films, magazines, advertisement etc. The mass media especially the TV, cinema, internet etc are influencing badly many children. These media, if used properly and wisely, are storehouse of knowledge and entertainment. At the same time, if used without any direction, they can deviates a child from mainstream and spoil their future. So parents and elders should guide them properly, while children use these media. Society will have to make a more determined effort to mould the character of the child if this moral deterioration is to be halted.