Since many years now, my favorite bazaar has been Cannaught place. The main bazaar is on Janpath and this is one place where my happiness knows no bounds. The activity in Janpath can make the saddest day came alive. Walking down Janpath one comes across the Tibetan shops that sell jewellery and other fancy household decoration pieces.

I love to shop at Janpath because there is always a wide variety of each item that one wants to buy. If a need a garment, I come across numerous shops that offer varieties that I can choose from. Books, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics, music, paintings, etc whatever you need you can find it on Janpath.

My day of shopping at Janpath is never complete until I have cold coffee to drink and chaat to eat. People of all age groups throng at the shops to buy the things that pleasure their aesthetic sensibility the most. Besides beauty one also has to consider the utility of the things we buy and this is what one has to be careful about while buying anything at Janpath. Sometimes one has to beware of imitations and also be sure that no one cheats us. One has to bargain a lot and that is one of the things I hate to do.

Yet I always persuade my parents to take me to Janpath so that I can buy myself new games and music of my choice. I find clothes of the latest fashion in the shops there and a long walk along the shops makes we want to buy almost everything that I see. However I have to be choose and make a choice soon because my parents don’t allow me to spend long indecisive hours at the shop.

Delhi is full of bazaars now but the joy that I get from doing to Janpath is incomparable to any other