Essay Topics on POLITENESS


The politeness of a person powerfully calls the attention of others and easily captivates love and appreciation. Lord Bacon said that a pleasing figure is a perpetual letter of recommendation and it is an agreeable quality for runner of merit. It is difficult to say whether a man is holy or learned. But one can easily find out if he is rude or cultured. Politeness is a precious treasure in our life. It provides us with charm and elegance and makes social life very agreeable and pleasing. Politeness is the outward manifestation of the kindly disposition that each individual entertains towards others. Politeness therefore does not exist in certain graceful bows and movements, nor is amiable and flattering expressions or silly cringing acts by which we seek the favour of our superior or fellows. True politeness is the expression of genuine kindness of heart. A polite person must be polite even towards those who treat him rudely. A friendly word will sometimes touch a rough individual and make a change in him for the better. He should not lay aside politeness in disputes, discussions when giving admonition or punishments etc,. if it is his duty to administer them. Politeness includes in itself all those social qualities that makes us pleasing and useful to our neighbours. It secures the confidence of those amongst whom he or she lives, it gives the finishing touch of intellectual development and virtue. Hence politeness should be cultivated by all.