Essay Topics on SCIENCE: A BOON


Scientific discoveries and inventions have made the life of men easier and smoother. In the earlier days men had to undertake very jobs as scientific devices and technical know-how was not available. Besides hard work, the process of productions was very slow. Thus, most of the wants of men remain unfulfilled.

With the passage of time education and knowledge developed. Men concentrated more and more on the study and application of the know-how of science. Emphasis was laid on the study of science. Rigorous study and research of science resulted in numerous scientific methods in different aspects of life. Now there is hardly any aspect of life in which science and scientific techniques are not used.

All the items of comfort and luxury is produced through the use of scientific knowledge, machines and better production methods.

Throughout the world more and more concentration is being made to have more scientific knowledge and inventions. This has lead to improvement in agriculture, industrial development, and expansion of education, better spread of transportation and means of communications.

Means of entertainment-radio, television, cinema, VCR, video games etc have been developed through the applications of science and scientific knowledge.

In defence science has helped a lot in developing latest equipment, weapons, armaments etc. In space research and technology too more and more of science information’s and technologies are being used today. Thus, it is true to say that for human beings, knowledge and us of science is a boon.