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Students and Fashion

Fashion means new modes in dress and outlook. It means change in the cut of clothes and the ways of make- up . The change in hair style also comes under fashion. Fashion guides and governs our style of living.

The students of today are becoming more and more fashion-conscious. Both boys and girls dress themselves in the clothes of the latest fashion. Paris is considered as the centre of fashions. What takes birth in Paris is followed all over the world the very next day. Thus fashion has a tendency to spread like wild fire. Young boys and girls in schools and colleges fall a prey to this. Almost all the students regard it as an essential part of their duty to march with the fashion and thus appear up-to-date and modern. Big dress-making companies employ fashion designers and beautiful models to popularize their dresses. Fashion parades and shows are organized by them to exhibit the latest fashions. These external factors influence the student community a lot.

Boys and girls spend much of their precious time in dressing and make-up. Boys are seen dressed in showy suits and colorful shirts. They eye one another clothes with keen interest. Critical remarks are freely made regarding classmates whose suits do not suit them properly. Everyone aims at wearing his clothes to the best advantage and at producing a favourable impression upon his teachers and classmates. Some of them even think that their costly clothes are an additional qualification. Female students go two steps further than male students. They give up the wearing of sarees and imitate the west in their dresses and make-up. They generally like to have short hair. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics.

Fashions are followed for dress, hair- style, footwear and etiquette. Some find delight in wearing the most modern dress, others in having fashionable hair and some others in wearing expensive shoes. The students in India learn all their fashions from the films. Some of them even-see the latest Hollywood films. Thus they try to imitate the actions, dresses, hair styles and manners of their favorite heroes.and heroines. Going to pictures and visiting restaurants are also part of fashion. Students make it a point to see all the films, even neglecting their studies. Visiting an expensive restaurant for a cup of tea or ice-cream is considered a symbol of status. Some of them even resort to the habit of smoking and taking drugs. Those who cannot do these are considered as outcasts. Poor students who cannot afford the luxury of fashion mostly remain under an inferiority complex.

Those students who are very fashionable do not take their studies seriously. Much of their precious money and time is spent on fashion. They regard going to school or college as a mere recreation and examinations and studies as an evil. They have the bad notion that fashion means only wearing expensive clothes. One can look smart and fashionable in simple clothes too.

It is high time that the University authorities and parents did something to save the students from the plague of fashions. Some of the students engage in illegal ways to earn money and to buy expensive dresses and shoes. The declining pass percentage in the examinations every year shows how much   harm these fashions are doing to the students. The main aim of the students in going to schools and colleges is not learning new fashions ,but acquiring new knowledge for their future career.

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