Essay Topics on THE CAMEL


Camel is a big animal with long leg and neck. It is sufficiently high. It has a peculiar shape that do not resemble to any other animals. In India, besides other places, camels are predominant in Rajasthan.

‘The Crest’ of the camels at the its back has some specific advantages. It can store a lot of food and water that can support in for several days. Deserted areas are normally short of water and sometimes the journey in the deserts is long and difficult.

Mouth and jaws of the camel are of typical form for which even the thorny branches and bushes can be used by the camel. Babool tree is found in large numbers in the deserts and the camel eats their leaves without any difficulty.

Camel has many uses for man. In the deserted areas it is the main sources of transport. Police and Army also use camels for transport and warfare. Police and Army camels are mostly properly trained. Goods are transported through camels.

In Rajasthan camels are used for the purposes transport, farming and irrigation. Mostly the wells are the deep in deserted areas. Camels are used to draw water from the wells for drinking and irrigation purposes.

Every year big cattle fair is held at Bikaner and other places of Rajasthan. Camels are purchased and sold in large numbers in these fairs. The adjoining states of Rajasthan also use camels in large numbers. Camels are considered as useful. It is often said to be “The Ship of deserts”.