Nowadays the game of cricket is very popular in big and small cities. Even in semi urban and village areas it is becoming popular every day. It is well known that cricket is not a game of Indian origin. It has come to India from aboard.

For a cricket match besides eleven players on each side and a set of umpires, cricket bats, balls, wickets and screens are required. Whichever team decides to bat starts the game with two batsmen on both sides. The members of the other team start bowling. Rest of the players of the bowling team take position themselves at different positions in the fields for “fielding”. Batsmen can be out as l.b.w, stumps or by catch. Besides individual runs, a boundary is worth of four runs and a sixer with six runs. Higher scorer team wins the game.

Normally a cricket team plays short duration, medium duration or long duration game. In a short duration game there are mandatory limited overs. It is known as one day match.

Bowlers are classified as fast, medium pace or spinners. Normally a team consists of all types of bowlers. Opening batsman starts the game and is known as opening pair.

The running commentary, radio and television had made the game very popular throughout the world. Now standard and test players are paid handsomely. There are a few organizations in India that organize tournaments. There are frequent visits to other countries also. Our team goes abroad while other nations teams come to India to play cricket matches.