Essay Topics on TOURISM IN INDIA


It is reported that tourism in India is gaining ground for the last several years. It is the result of the drastic steps taken by the Gov­ernment of India.

For a long time tourism has been neglected in India. It is only recently that the government realized the importance of tourism in the development of India’s economy. India is a developing country. We import raw materials and capital goods from abroad. It needs lot of foreign exchange. Tourism can play a significant role in meet­ing this need. Enlarged tourist traffic to India will dispel most of the prejudices that the foreigners have about our country.

India is a haven for the tourists. The snow covered peaks of the
Himalayas, the valleys of Kashmir, the Taj Mahal, Ajanta and Elora caves, sculpture of Khaiuraho, the temples of Konark, Madurai and Jagannath Puri, the Buddhist stupas at Sanchi are places of tourist attraction. The tourists who love art will not go back disappointed.

It cannot be denied that often we fail to offer necessary facilities to the tourists. A foreign tourist should be provided with adequate opportunities of getting in touch with whatever is best in India.

It should be ensured that the tourists are not exploited by the people here. Now-a-days sexual harassments on tourists have also been reported. It is the duty of the governments to ensure their safety.

Government of India has formed Indian Tourism Development Corporation to promote international tourism. It has three divisions as the hotel division; the production, publicity and entertainment division and the transport division.

A tourist coming to India for the first time may not be much aware of the country and its places of importance. He needs guidance. The Corporation gives him guidance through guidance centers set up throughout the country.

It is not only the foreign tourists who need facilities but the inter­nal tourists, too. It cannot be forgotten that internal tourists pro­mote good-will among people of different regions. It helps to eradi­cate regionalism. It will go a long way in improving the infrastructure of our tourist industry. It will have a favourable impact on the for­eign tourists as well.