Essay Topics on UNEMPLOYMENT


Unemployment is a state where due to one or other reason one is not able to get a job according to his demands and ability. If one is unemployed because he is not having a job much higher than his capability he cannot be said to be unemployed.

Various authors defined unemployment in different ways. Keynes, Pigou etc have given specific definition of unemployment. In reality, it is the excess supply of workers over the demand for them that causes unemployment.

Unemployment can be classified into various groups like full unemployment, partial unemployment, seasonal unemployment, cyclical unemployment, among educated and disguised unemployment.

Reasons for unemployment are many like excessive population growth, less employment generation, more labour supply and less demand for labour, lack of education and training, lack of industrialistaion and the uses of modern automatic machines and computers in agriculture and industry.

Can unemployment be fully removed? The answer is ‘no’. However, adopting different curative methods the extent of unemployment can be considerably reduced. In different countries of the world efforts are being made to reduce it. In India the government, industry and planning commission are trying to reduce unemployment through different employment generating schemes.