Essay Topics on VAN-MAHOTSAVA


Forests play a vital role for a nation’s development, loss of forests and trees ruin the ecological balance of the country. It also weakens the efforts of pollution control. All these are harmful for us.

It is a well-known fact that destruction of forest results in soil-erosion, less rainfall, drought, floods, abnormal etc. Experts are of the opinion that about 30% of a country’s total land area must be under forests. Less or no forests cause havoc with rainfall, climate, agricultural production and health f people.

For decades there have been spread of urbanization. It has resulted in heavy pressure on land for housing and commercial purposes. This has led to the destruction of all types of forests. Destruction of trees has made the forest area barren. It has resulted in so many problems and difficulties. Pollution control has become difficult resulting in health hazards.

Indiscriminate destruction of forests has resulted in ecological imbalances. It has raised the level of Carbon dioxide. Destruction of forests has made thousands of people unemployed. It has also deprived thousands of cattle of their natural fodder and food. There is shortage of wood and forests products.

All the disadvantages of destruction of trees and forests can be balanced only with plantation of trees and adopting the process of afforestation. It is in this context that the process of afforestation is being given high priority. Besides emphasis on afforestation, new plants are also being planted every year. The Van-Mahotsava is a programme of afforestation.