Essay Topics on PATRIOTISM


Patriotism is the love of one’s own country. It is a noble sentiment and national virtue. It is a divine spark in the human heart.

Patriotism is an inborn quality. A patriot is ready to lay down his life for the sake of the motherland. The freedom of a country is always achieved by the sacrifice of patriots. Patriotism gives one an interest in the fortunes of his country. It fills him with pride of its past and present achievements. Patriotism has influenced many people to do heroic deeds.

The history of the world is full of examples of persons who bore severe hardships for the sake of their motherland and finally succeeded. True patriots are fearless and they are ready to renounce worldly pleasures. They are not afraid of any persecution and their primary aim is the welfare of the motherland. India has produced many patriots like Rana Pratap, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Shivaji, Tippu Sultan, Subash Chandra Bose, and Sri Aurobindo. They tried to liberate India from the foreign rule. They believed in dying for the cause but never moved away from their aim. These patriots are venerated even after their death because of their noble deeds. True patriots love their country selflessly and work for its unity and welfare. They are broadminded, progressive and universal in thinking. They believe in the brotherhood of mankind.

Love of one’s country does not mean hatred of the rest of the world. It is false patriotism. False patriotism is a form of selfishness and narrow nationalism. Patriots of this kind support their country to gain their private ends. Their view is that we cannot love our country without despising and hating all other nations. The true patriot is an unselfish lover of his country. His sincere desire is to serve it in all ways possible. He is proud of his country and does not hestiate to criticise its wrong policies. He is more anxious that his nation should be right than that it should be powerful. While he loves his country, he loves other nations too and gladly recognises their vitrues and achievements.

The sacrifices made by patriots will be remembered forever. It is a source of inspiration for the future generations to emulate them. True patriots command the love and affection of their countrymen. They become immortal and live in the hearts of people.

In India, patriotic feelings are becoming less and less especially among the political parties, the representatives of the people and the people who hold the high offices in the country. Their primary aim is to come to power and to amass as much wealth as possible. Thus, patriotism has been monopolised in India. The supreme law-making bodies of the country which should be controlled by patriots of the highest ranks have become gangs of selfish people. Criminals and mafia men find their way into these bodies. The persons who hold the highest offices in the country are ready to sell the interests of the nation to gain their selfish interests. Having lost the spirit of patriotism, we stand on the threshold of political and economic bankruptcy.

True patriotism is a great virtue. As patriots, we should be able to see beyond the frontiers of one’s motherland, and love and appreciate the nations and people outside our country.