Science is a great blessing to mankind. The world into which science came was a world of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us of suffering, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our toil. Science is a faithful servant of man. It has transformed our daily life, providing us with necessaries and luxuries. Science has spanned the sky, measured the ocean and revealed many secrets of nature. So we cannot ignore the importance of science in the modern world.

A school is the place where children are moulded for future life. Children are the promises of tomorrow. So they should be made aware of the importance of science. Science exhibitions in schools play a pivotal role in this regard. Science exhibitions create a scientific spirit among the students, increasing their thinking and reasoning power. These can make the children creative and inquisitive. A child gets an opportunity to make a project or working model with his own hands. He comes to know of the basic principles of the functioning of an instrument. He gets the opportunity to devise projects for saving fuel, to solve the energy crisis and a lot of other things related to daily life. He also gets into acquaintance with many new scientific devices and principles. All these will increase his interest in science. This will help him in his personal life and such a person will be an asset to the nation.

The education department of the government should take the initiative for conducting science exhibitions in schools. The school authorities should take up this mission. These exhibitions can encourage a healthy competition in the student community.