Success has become a very deceptive word. Success is measured in terms of money one has. The whole world has become Ramanujacharya, Ballabhacharya and Shankaracharya did. Social work of reform may bring success to a man as it did in the case of Dr.Ambedkar. One may gain success as a singer, a dancer or as an actor. One may gain success in industry or business too.

In any of these cases the greatest secret- an open secret- is hard labor. Gujar mal Modi the initiator of Modi industrial empire had studied only up to 7th class. But hard work made him a multimillionaire. Ravi Shankar became a great musician by practicing hard. The example of Kapil Dev as a successful cricketer is another one.

Perseverance is another secret of success. There are difficulties in the life of man. He may be discouraged even by his friend and relatives. Still he perseveres. He does not leave his efforts. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mahatma Phule., De Valera and Joan of Arc faced problems at every step. Still they persevered – didn’t stop midway and gained success.

Mental balance and sweet tongue are the virtues that bring success to man. Rafi Ahmad Kidwai never lost the balance of his mind. Tagore was so sweet tongued that people would flock around him. So were Raja Ram Mohan Roy and the Hindi poet Rahim Khankhana. All secured success in their own field.

Innovation and wit are two other qualities to be successful. It was the wit of Birbal that made him the greatest courtier in the history of India. A large number of Nobel Prize winners got success through their great innovations. The most successful women IPS Kiran Bedi got Magsaysay award for her innovation in Tihar Jail at Delhi, the abode of greatest criminals of India. As Director General of Jails she introduced many social, economic and spiritual programmes in the jail.

Perfect devotion or faith in a principle also leads to success. Social workers working in the tribal belt of India have achieved great success. They are silent guides of crores of tribals leading very hard life. These dedicated highly educated young men have identified themselves with the poor tribals. They have gained success in the field as the vociferous Ministers could not. Hard labor, perseverance, mental balance, sweet tongue, innovative skills and wit together with whole hearted dedication to work are the secrets of success.