Only about 50 years ago, the world was about 400 years behind today, judged by the present rate of ‘Scientific Progress’ been even half as fast as the present rate, the world would have been 350 years ahead of where it is today. We find that science is making progress by leaps and bounds. The rate of advancement has been amazingly fast, and the acceleration of rate of progress is also increasing at an unsteadily and irregularly fast rate. We are today angels or semi-angels as compared with our counterparts of about a hundred years ago; and we are gods, if not God Himself, if judged by our ‘Scientific Statues’ with that of our remote ancestors in ancient time.

Diseases- epidemics and endemics, Earthquake, Fires, Floods lightning and Thunder etc., no longer frighten us; we do not feel overawed by the so-called ‘Divine Wrath’. The sins we have been guilty of committing in some past birth do not now invoke the wrath of the god or God Himself. The present is before us, the past is left far behind in || remote antiquity, and the future is yet unborn. We have a hazy idea of what the world in the prehistoric times, we have a clear knowledge of what it was during the period of which we have written record, as if it happened only yesterday; but we can only guess, only imagine what the world would be like in the future, not in the future far distant from today; but we cannot even anticipate with any accuracy whatsoever, what the world would be like, say, about 20 years from now, judging by the present rate of progress, we can draw a very clear picture of what we shall see in the non-very-distant future. The shape of things to come will be very different from what it is today.

If a telescope were to be invented, which could enable us to gaze ahead into the future as far as about 75-100 years from now, let us call the formidable instrument the Time Telescope’ (something like the “Time Machine of H. G. Well), we then might see the world as it would be, say; seven to ten decades hence. The picture would simply stagger our imagination. Now that we have the time telescope, let us adjust the scale on it say at 50 years from today that would be somewhere in the year 2050A. D. What we shall see, will be something will be like this:

I have set the Time telescope on a point about 50 years and 1 am sitting d own a t the other end with my eye fixed on the eye-piece and the objective adjusted at a point 50 years away. I see people moving about not by any conventional means of conveyance that we know of today, so far; but instead of the motorcars, cycles, scooters, trains, ships, or aeroplanes etc. (that we know of in the present time), they are moving about by means of a strange machine which is capable of moving about on; land, flying in the and floating on or under water (like a submarine) and which can journey through space also at incredibly fast speed. Time and space have lost their significance. I see that men and women do not have to use their hands and feet except on very special occasions. Everything has been mechanized. Manual labour has not only obsolete but almost extinct. All work is done by robots. The labourers, the porters, the driver-cum-pilot of that strange means of transport and communicatiorv the house builders, the tillers of the land are all robots. Offices are there of course, but the peon’s job is done by robots, the work of clerks e.g., writing work, typing work, accounts work, is all done by means of computers. Posts and telegraph and telephone pose no problem whatsoever, because these devices have long ago gone out of use, and are not used by the people, except by the very backward and uncivilized people; devices have been made that make it possible to send the message; on the wireless vision phone (something like telephone + television). All music—vocal or instrumental is taped; radio has become a thing of the past; only television is there. All other means of transport and communication have been dispensed with.

One thing that particularly astonished me, is, the scant population. If mean the scant human population. Men and women are very few in number; birthrate is only about 1 % of what is today. I am speaking of what I am at this time, viewing through my Time Telescope.

The reason for mortal fall in the birthroot is that about 50 years back, ‘ i.e. the present time, a hideous campaign called the ‘Campaign for Family Planning’, was most vigorously launched which aims at bringing d own the rate of birth, by employing drastic means of sorts. This was because of the fear of the so-called ‘population explosion’. It was because I was feared that after twenty-five years, there would be so many mouths to be fed that no mouth will get enough and that people will begin dying of starvation. It was said 50 years ago, that is the present that the population of the world would reach a number that will be something like 10C times that it is today. But I am seeing through the T. T., the population of the world instead of increasing, has become so thin, that people pine for children. Men have lost the power to procreate and women have lost the capacity t o bear children. It is because of the injurious effect of’ Family Planning Campaign’ drugs administered to man and woman will have become incapacitated as future fathers and mothers. Medical Science has become so advanced that by the application of it the death – rate has come down to a little above zero. The result is that mostly bald and old hags are to be seen, and children—they are a rare sight! Young men and young women; at least T do not see in spite of my earnestly gazing. Because of very low birth – rate and very low death – rate a funeral is a rare sight. The journey of life has become so long, so tedious, so burdensome, so unlivable, that life is not worth the bother of living. Monotony and dullness is written large on the faces of old, worn-out hags, pale young men and faded girls, and withered children. System of marriage has lost its sanctity and has become out – dated and out – model. Nobody marries: All the children are ‘test tube children’.

Wild animal are a rarity. There are no rats, no flies. There are no goats, no cows and no buffaloes. They have become extinct. Strangely enough, I see that the dinosaurs have started re-appearing. This phenomenon I cannot understand at all. The hare, the deer, the monkeys, the cats and the dogs have gone away from the world; their races have since become extinct. The graceful peacocks, the innocent sparrows, the dove of peace, the melodious voiced bulbuls, the parrots with rainbow hues, do not exist now. The kites, the vultures, the crows, etc., hold the field; they have replaced the valiant birds of prey- the eagle and hawk.

Battles and wars are still fought but no human soldiers take part in the battles. Only the robot soldiers do all the fighting work. These robots, particularly the robot soldiers are valued greatly. A killed robot can be repaired and remade fighting-fit, and made to fight on the front again. I do not see a single human soldier, the reason is that there is no human soldier in the armies at the ‘time’ mark my T. T. is fixed upon. The scanty population can ill – afford to lose a single human soldier; human beings are too scarce and too rare. I see no religion, no worship of anything, except that of wealth and money.

I am over-awed to see what I have seen just now and have described above, that I have removed my from the eye – piece and I thank God that such a formidable instrument has not been invented, otherwise it would have made me mad.