Terrorism and the World

Terrorism is the biggest evil of the 21st century world. It has been compared to a pest which gradually devours the world socially, economically and culturally. Terrorism is often referred as large scale destruction with the motive of instilling fear in the masses or for completion of demands of a certain section of people. The large scale destruction of property and national possessions leads to an economic setback. The large number of losses of peoples’ lives and the casualties not only causes an emotional trauma but also brings the world to a standstill.Essay topics

There are various reasons people might resort to terrorism. It might be because a certain section of people might have been neglected by the authorities and many of their demands might have been ignored. It may also be because a certain section of people might have faced a lot of public humiliation and torture which gives rise to anger and frustration. Also, cultural and social minority, poverty, need for a respectable life, religious vulnerability and illiteracy and ignorance are factors more and more innocent people tend to resort to this social evil.

Let us take the instance of the spine-chilling incident of the Twin Tower attack in Washington D.C. often referred to as the 9/11 attack. The people responsible for the attack had certain social, political and cultural needs which had been neglected by the worlds’ super powers. Thus, out of insecurity, vulnerability, and anger they thought of creating and instilling fear in the minds of the people. They also intended to make their demands clear to the world. Though their intentions were harmless, their methods were wrong.

Terrorism is thus a result of correct intentions but immoral practices. The powerful countries might be responsible for it. What is to be done on their part is that they should respect the minority groups and respect their demands, needs and insecurities. They should figure out a method of negotiating with them so that their demands are heard out and then, a sustainable solution should be found such that it doesn’t cause any loss to anyone.

Terrorism needs to be curbed and combatted before it gives rise to another world war. Organizations like the United Nations Organization play a vital role in bringing all the countries together and giving them a platform to voice their issues and sort them out mutually and systematically. Governments all over the world should be more responsible and fight against terrorism unitedly. The people resorting to terrorism should be thoughtful and should wisely tackle their issues rather than terrorizing the world. Thus a combined effort is required to eliminate this evil and make earth a better place to live in.

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