A college magazine contains articles, stories, poems, riddles etc in different languages, contributed by the students and the staff. The topics dealt in the Magazines are not an ordinary style. They are selected after the due consideration and are of the special nature. The result is that they are not of universal interest. Its matter is meant for the students. It is chiefly educational and interesting articles help the student to widen their outlook as their thoughts in their own languages, are expressed in them. The growth of the printing press is responsible for the wide circulation of books and papers. Now-a-days it is generally seen that every college encourages the circulation of its magazine as it is believed that without a magazine a college do not function well.

Every student takes an interest in reading the college magazine as he pays for it. In the beginning of the session, the head of the institution announces the name of the editors and informs the students that the magazine fee will be realized in the month. A board of editors formed. Student’s editors are also selected through election. One of the editors become the Chief Editor, generally it is divided in to three sections. English Section, Hindi section and Malayalam section. The editors of the sections invite articles from the students and the teachers. They are read thoroughly and sent to the press, found suitable, such magazines are published once a year.

The uses of the College Magazine are many. They develop thinking and give practice to writing to the students who use to think about the subject matter. He consults some books or read some articles. Then after a due consideration he begins to write. In this way he gets training during his period of studies for becoming a writer. There is also a Psychological background. Why everyone take an interest in Magazines. Everybody likes to see his name printed and circulated. So every student tries his best to select such articles as maybe approved by the editors. They widen the knowledge of students. They can read new articles, which are not found generally in the text books. They help to maintain a close connection between the students and the old students of the college. In the magazine, the name and the designation of the old student is mentioned. In this way an old student remains in touch with his Alma matter.