Once a journalist asked an important leader in Great Britain, Don’t you think disciple is in the blood of the people in England? ‘No’, came the immediate reply,” it is not inborn, it is cultivated. Form family to the society- from society to the nation- it is a long process. Efforts are made to let discipline flow like blood in the nation’s body”.

Discipline is seen in most of the European countries and in Japan and Israel. That is why these countries make progress. Discipline is born of a sense of responsibility among the people. The people in developed countries know their obligations to the nation. This results in discipline in every field. That is how Japan has made a place for her in the whole world.

Discipline is the backbone of a nation. Only those nations where people have a sense of discipline prosper in all fields. They even rule other nations. Discipline is a valuable asset at all levels of the society. A family having no discipline becomes a den of quarrels and is ultimately divided. An educational institution having no discipline doesnot imparts education. That is what one can see some of the states in India. To study or not to study, to teach or not to teach, to attend the classes or not to attend the classes-all is left to the sweet wish of the students and teachers. Such institutions look more like a vegetable market than a school or college. Thus the standard of education has gone to dogs. That is why parents want to educate their children in Mission schools and Public schools.

The forced discipline seen in the army is not real discipline. It can be seen even in the most backward countries. Real discipline is just voluntary. It can be cultivated together with the sense of faith in and feelings for the nation and its culture. Mrs. Thatcher the former Prime Minister of England once said the RSS of India is the most and the biggest voluntary disciplined body in the world, its ideologies apart that you may or may not like.

The undisciplined people have to lead a life of slavery. Democracy is a mockery in undisciplined countries. They are ultimately ruled by dictators with the help of military. Army is the only disciplined body in these countries. Discipline was forced on the people in Communist countries. Now democracy has come to these countries too. Let us see whether they maintain discipline or not. Most probably they will for they are already developed countries. They know that it is only discipline that sustains the society.