I love nature and like to enjoy the scenic beauty. Scenic beauty can best be enjoyed in a hill station. A visit is a medicine to a tired brain and weak physique. One is there in the company of nature and can enjoy the beauty of snow-clad mountains, tall trees, rivers and waterfalls. One can breathe fresh air which will improve physical health. So I always enjoy the visit to a hill station.

Last year, my family went to Ootty. Ootty lies in the Nilgiri hills which are the meeting place of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. It is called   the Kashmir of South India. This beauty spot is a center of attraction for many people. My uncle who is an officer in the air force was working in Ootty. So, our trip to the hill station was very enjoyable.

We travelled by bus to Ootty. The bus passed through many high mountains. The scenery on both sides of the road was enchanting and beautiful. The cool air was refreshing and healthy. The bus went ahead on the zigzag road very slowly. The mountains were bathed in the glory of the rising sun. Tall trees were seen everywhere. There was greenery all around. We reached Ootty by noon and went to my uncle’s house.

Ootty is really beautiful place. It is a land of beautiful lakes and wonderful gardens. The scenery is very delightful. There are small hills all fully covered with eucalyptus trees. A gentle breeze laden with the fragrance of the eucalyptus blows there continuously. The Botanical Garden of Ootty is famous. It is an enchanting sight to see the different types of flowering plants in the garden. The lawns have been beautifully maintained. The beauty of the garden and the colorful flowers captivated. The lake in Ootty is worth seeing. Boats are always floating in the lake, enhancing its charm. We had a ride in the lake and it was very refreshing.

We spent one week in Ootty. Most of the time we spent in the countryside of Ootty and its surroundings. We also visited ‘Doddebetta’, the highest point in the Nilgiri Hills. From there we had a good view of the valley down below. We took many snaps of the beautiful sights and snow-covered mountains. I still cherish the memory of the visit.