Exhibitions are a source of education and information for the common man. People can learn about many things from exhibitions and thus increase their knowledge. Thus, the role of exhibitions in the progress of a nation is very significant. Exhibitions are of immense help to the student community in a country. Students can learn a lot, especially about the progress made by different nations in different fields, by visiting exhibitions. Besides, exhibitions provide means of amusement and recreation.

Many national and international exhibitions are held in Delhi every year. I had the opportunity to visit the industrial exhibition held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi last February. It was a Saturday, and I along with my friends decided to visit the exhibition. Many countries of the world exhibited their industrial goods in this exhibition. We brought the ticket and entered the exhibition ground through a huge gate. Once we entered the ground, we were really in a magic land.

There were many pavilions of different countries. Countries U.S.A., Russia, U.K., Japan and Italy had constructed huge pavilions to exhibit their machines and industrial products. They had brought big and small size machines from their countries to show the progress made by them in the industrial arena.  Each pavilion tried to shoe the economic and industrial progress made by the country to which it belonged. The articles on display were of many kinds. Big machines were exhibited at the U.S Pavilions.  The Japanese Pavilions has small cars and trains. There were guides to give necessary information regarding the exhibits. There was a long queue of people at every pavilion. The U.S and Japanese drew pavilions has huge crowd.

Indian industrialists had also constructed a beautiful pavilion to exhibit their machines and goods. All twenty-five states in India had also constructed pavilions to exhibit their achievements in industry. The latest industrial products and the systems were displayed in those pavilions. There were many textile plants, machinery for manufacturing drugs and engineering goods, automobiles and heavy machinery. The BHEL had demonstrated power-generating units. The pavilion at the Tatas displayed mini plants for the manufacture of railway lines. Diesel engine and electric locomotive were also demonstrated.

There were stalls snacks, sweets and tea. Various amusements and entertainments were also arranged in the exhibition ground. We had a swing on a giant-wheel and enjoyed it very much. There were cultural programmes from different states.  It was a rare exhibition which I had seen and I still cherish its memory.