Essay Writing about HOSTEL LIFE


Hostel life is a religious life and scared life. A hostel is school-cum-home. It is very conductive to living. The atmosphere is quite congenial for studies and suitable for the qualities of domestic life like co-operation, fellow-feeling and self managing affairs. If a student takes it seriously, he can develop all qualities of a good citizen. But it is not an unmixed blessing.

A student who lives in a hostel is free from ordinary anxieties and cares. He can concentrate his mind fully on his studies. Besides, he can take part in social activities and can learn many virtues from his senior students.

He can also increase his knowledge and remove his weaknesses. Thus, he becomes mannerly, polished and cultured. His shyness fades away. He learns to speak fluently and express his ideas. It is because he mixes up with different types of students. He learns how to behave in a society. He acquires good manners and in future becomes a disciplined man and good citizen.

Next in a hostel life what a border wants to do, is done by him. This develops the qualities of self help and reliance in him. A hostelier has to take part in games regularly. He must take his food regularly. He cannot keep late hours at night. Therefore, regularity improves his health. He in his hostel life forms the habit of co-operation which stands him in good stead throughout his life. In short, he becomes an active and all round man.

But one should not forget the dark side anything. Hostel life has some disadvantages too. Both rich and poor students live in a hostel side by side. The rich students get sufficient money from their guardians and, therefore, lead easy lives. Some of the poor students are influenced by them to their disadvantages and they also want to lead an easy life. The result is that they become showy. They waste their parent’s hard earned money on profitless luxuries. They may form bad habits like smoking and drinking.