Essay Writing about INDIA: OUR COUNTRY


Our country, India is most popular in the world from the ancient period. It had different names in different period such as Bharat, Bharatvarsha, Hindustan, etc. But “Bharat” is always associated with the Indian people which are named after the king “Bharat”.

India is located in south Asia, and surrounded by the great ‘Himalaya’ in the north, Indian Ocean in the south, Pakistan and Arabian Sea in the west and Bay of Bengal and Burma in the east. Its area is 3287263 Population according to 1991 census was about 85 crores. The capital of India is New Delhi.

From the ancient period, India was very rich in the world. In different times, India has been invaded by different kings as Mughal, Europeans. Mughal and Britishers ruled India, hundreds of years. Now our country is free from outer rulers. Now India is independent since 15 August 1947.

India is a secular state, that means different languages and religions are accepted by the government. As different people came in India, they had different religions also and they stayed here so India is a country of various religion.

India is only country where there is ‘caste system’ and economic criteria is also depend on it. Now, class system is also prevalent. Indians follow social customs rigidly. Here social customs are linked with religious and economic concepts.

India is a vast country with a large population. Most people live in villages. Masses are poor and uneducated. However, there is large possibility of advancement of the country.