I like many indoor games. They are a great help on rainy days and also on hot summer afternoons when schools are closed for holidays and my friends and I am left without any new ways of passing the time.

When I was younger, I used to play snakes and ladders where one’s luck was all the mattered. One had to move ones coin according to the number secured on the dice. Ludo was another game that I have always loved to play.

However, as I have grown up I have developed an interest in other games too. Monopoly is one of these. This is a game of business where luck and calculation are equally involved. Fake money is used to build hotels and houses and the one who end up with the maximum monetary gains win the game. This game is great fun to play as it leads to a great deal of competition. One can feel like a king while playing this game.

Scrabble is the game that I cannot only play with my friends but I can play it with my parents too. They love to play scrabble as this helps to increase one’s vocabulary and helps to sharpen one’s intellect. It keeps the mind alert and one learns to think fast and make word with the help of letters that are picked at random from the lot. This is the fact my most favorite game and I always look for company to ply scrabble with. The newspapers also have section of games on Sunday morning. These have word building games and they are similar to the kind of exercise we performed while forming words while playing scrabble.

I do hope that some enterprising bright people would invent some new indoor games. I have just added a game called Pictionary to my collection of indoor games and I am eagerly waiting to play it with my friends during my next long vacations.