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Character is the sum total of all the mental and moral qualities and traits that distinguish a person from other persons. When a person has only good qualities, and no bad qualities, we can say that his character is totally good. On the other hand, if a person has only bad qualities and no good qualities, we can say his character is totally bad.

However most human beings are neither totally good, nor totally bad. Practically everybody has good qualities as well as bad qualities. So, for all practical purposes, we call someone a “good person” if good qualities predominated in his character: and we call someone a “bad person” if bad qualities predominated in his character. It is an undeniable fact that all human beings have some congenital bad inclinations. Though in varying degrees, everybody is inclined towards such vices as selfishness, pride, greed, laziness, and sexual immorality. No religion seems to have an explanation for this distressing phenomenon.

Though we are born with these evil inclinations, it is our duty to struggle against them and to overcome them. This duty is imposed on us by God himself, who is absolutely purity and Absolutely goodness. We are all His children, and it is His will that we should also be pure and good.

Overcoming evil inclinations involves the cultivation of their opposite virtues, such as honesty, truthfulness, kindness, unselfishness, generosity, love of God, love of fellow men and women, and moral integrity in its widest sense. The sum total of all these virtues is what may be termed a good and noble character.

Character- building should start in child-hood. Parents and teachers should pay very special attention to  this important aspects of the training for life. Lovingly, but firmly, they should guide the children in such a way that they will themselves become eager to avoid such faults as disobedience, lying and quarrelling with other children. Without such guidance children cannot be expected to grow up into adults of good character. Right motivation is the key to success in our struggle against bad tendencies. And the right motive is the love of God and the desire to please Him. This is the basis of character-formation.

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