Essay Writing on Computer – The Human’s Greatest Invention

Importance of Computer in daily Life

Man has made several inventions. Computer is one of them. The computer has begun to control so many critical functions that today man is excessively proud about his invention. Today, the computer plays an important role in our lives and we are completely dependent on it. It is a great human invention and we have lots of importance of computer in our day to day life.

Its has been commonly said that computer can never replace the human brain, as it is created by humans, but we can’t ignore the fact that computer is much more capable than human brain. There are many ways in which the computer has an edge over man. The computer has the capability to evaluate problems that man can hardly imagine.

Even if a man can calculate the same problems as a computer, the computer can do it faster with 100% accuracy. The computer is clearly superior in many other aspects. In absolute speed of computation and retrieval of data, the computer is obviously by far the stronger. It has the capacity to handle things on a far bigger scale than the human brain could ever do. Measurements, results, applications can all be done to the smallest details, far beyond the human brains’s capabilities.

Calculations can be done with accuracy nearly impossible. The human brain is easily stressed out by events and loses effectiveness when tired but computer can’t.

On the other hand, though the human brain has a lot of flaws, yet it also has an edge over the computer. It has the capacity to create, unlike the computer and it can work without full input, making logical assumptions about problems.

A person can work with a wide variety of methods, seeing new, more efficient ways of handling problems. It can come up with infinite ways of handling problems. It can come up with infinite ways of getting around problems encountered in day to day life, while a computer has a limited memory of new tricks it can come up with, limited by its programming.

It is the human brain that figures out the programming that will allow any improvements for the computer. The human brain can learn to understand anything, It can grasp the central concept of anything.

Also, emotions are not capable in a computer. Emotions and feeling allow the human brain to evolve beyond a problem solving machine. They open the mind to an endless realm of possibilities. The reason why computer cannot create is because of the lack of emotions.

In conclusion, computer have become the necessity of modern life, yet they are from perfection. They have only a limited capacity for learning. The computer lacks the common sense of the human brain. On the human brain has many flaws, just as it has advantages. The human brain can never perform tasks as efficiently or as tirelessly as the computer.

Emotions make the mind dangerously unstable; A man’s performance is subject to moods and emotional disruption. The computer suffers no such problems.

Emotions blur the human brain’s capacity to make clear, logical decisions. We can say that the computer is the best invention of man, but only when it is operated with human brain.