Essay writing – Duties and responsibilities

“Duty” means “moral or legal obligation in general”. It can also mean a particular task or action that a person is bound to perform for moral or legal reasons. The notion of duty derives from the notion of the existence of an Almighty God, Creator and Lord of all things. From His absolute sovereignty and authority over all His creatures, and their absolute and essential dependence on Him, arise all the duties of all His creatures. Human beings are the only rational creatures on earth. We alone have been endowed with the capacity to know God and to realize that we have certain towards Him, and also other duties derived from these primary duties.

Our duties towards Gods are: to adore him as our Supreme Lord and Master; to love Him as our most loving Father; to obey all His commandments: to thank Him for creating us and looking after us with loving care; to trust in His love and mercy; to beg His pardon for our sins; and to pray for His grace and blessings. The duties that are derived from these primary duties are towards our fellow men and women, and towards us.

It is our duty to love our fellow human beings as we loved ourselves.  This is because we are all God’s children, and therefore, brothers and sisters the one another. We have specific duties to different people. To our parents and teachers, we owe love, respect and obedience. Parents have the duty to love and bring up their children properly. Teachers have to guide and impart knowledge to their pupils. All of us have the duty to help the poor and the needy. We have also duties as citizens of a country.

Our basic duty to ourselves is to live good and virtuous lives, because that is what God want us to do, and what is necessary to attain everlasting happiness in the next world. It is our duty, too, to strive hard to succeed in our profession or occupation and to take reasonable care of our bodies.

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