Essay Writing about DUTY


When one is bound by moral or another obligation to do work is called duty. Everybody has to perform one’s own duty in the society. Duty is to be performed for the sake of but for show or presence.

Valmiki, the great poet, created personification of duty in the form of Ram and Sita. Some may doubt it Ram and Sita ever walked in flesh and blood on this earth. Nobody can answer with proof. But to us, Ram and Sita are more real than persons in flesh and blood. Rama suffered incessantly and joyfully to do his duty to follow the path of truth. How noble is Rama while following his father’s command gladly, willingly and obediently.

Duty is to be performed by everybody in the same way as Rama did. Bhagavad-Gita teaches us about duty. Lord Krishna says do your duty and never desire for the fruits of the duty performed by you. You should do duty because it is your duty to do.

If all of us do not perform the duty as it ought to have been done then their arises chaos and disorder. So all of us should perform our duty as expected from us. Duty should become a part of life but it should not be considered as an extra burden or some type of obligation. Do the duty for duty sake only then you find immense satisfaction and sense of achievement; The English Admire Nelson gave the call, “England expects every man to do his duty”. He did not promise of victory, honour or glory on doing so. That is the importance of duty. Everybody if perform their duty properly then the fruits follow. “Do your duty reward is not your concern” Should be our motto.

Each one of us has different kinds of duties. A man has to discharge his duty towards parents’ teachers, society, wife and children. In performing these duties he should be judicious and careful not to hurt them knowingly or unknowingly. As a good citizen he should discharge his duty towards government. Socrates discharged his duty towards the government by obeying the death sentences passed on him. Such was the greatness of Socrates. He was so much conscious of his duty he never cared even his life through he had every chance to escape death. Thus in performing duty one should have strong will power, capacity to sacrifice, and truthfulness towards once ownself.

Duty well performed gives ample pleasure and satisfaction to once ownself. Honour and name follows on their own accord. A dutiful person is well respected in society. A Gorkha is respected in society for his duty board nature. Duty conscious Lord Rama’s name and fame spread far and wide from epic time, such persons are responsible in reconstructing the nation.

Imagine for while if a teacher does not perform his duty well at school and a clerk at his office does not clear the ” files on his desk at time, a doctor does not take care of his patients all such things lead to confusion, chaos and turmoil in the society. For a while you think about your body, each of the body organs perform their duty without any direct benefit or the recognition but the whole body is well and healthy because each and every limb performs its duty well. Duties should be performed for the common good and-wades public interest. If a duty is performed for such purposes we oblige none, Duty performed towards nation should never be utilized for self aggrandizement.

Each one should perform his duty-according to one’s nature. A squirrel did its duty in the construction of ‘Sethu’ for Rama. So however small or big one is one should perform the duty for the sake of society, nation and humanity at large.