Essay Writing about FASHIONS


Fashions have invaded the world of the young. Enter a girls common room in a college in a metropolitan city you will find a sea of designs and styles in hair, in blouse, in trousers and pyjamas, in shoes and chappals and of course in cosmetics. You will find girls in bob cut, boy’s cut, nest cut, wave cut, rolls cut and many others yet to be named. So is with dresses. There is no settled fashion. It is rather an assortment of the fashions of the thirties and of 21st century. The skirt, blouse have been replaced by shirt, baggey, salwar suit, sharara, garara, Lahenga chunri. But skirt – blouse have not been discarded. You can see tight dress among girls and boys and can visibly measure the dimensions of all parts of their body. Then there are loose suits too which cover slim, beautiful or ugly limbs – only God knows.

The cluster of the young is quite different from that of the old ones moving slowly in the park in the early hours of the day. Their dresses look clumsy to the young while the old look down at the dresses of the young as frivolous and fantastic. But fantasy and frivolity are the prerogative of the young. As they are frisky and playful so is their dress. There is no limit to their fancy and imagination. So is not to their fashions too. They are not mindful whether they look beautiful or handsome or just old and awkward. There must be novelty. As it is in ideas and thoughts it must be in their appearance too. It is a symbol of youth. As youth discards stale ideas so does it old fashions too even if they create inconvenience to them.

The days when Cinema screen alone guided their dresses and fashions are gone. Television ads add to their amorous style. Young boys and girls in boats around the table in Coca Cola, Thumps or even Soap ads. All are admissible and worth adopting. It must be new Price does not matter. The age of disciplined young boys and girls in sober dresses has passed away. Their assembly is an assembly of a park having varied flowers spread here and there with thomy bushes too. It is a variegated style. The New Testament may say,

‘The fashion of this world passeth away’

It stays from age to age in one form or the other.