The question regarding the future of democracy in India is not a matter of forecast but rather a real concern. It does not make sense to ask if the future of democracy is bright or bleak. The future of democracy will be what we make of it.

The chief merit of democracy is that it is based on the principles of consent and dialogue. It upholds the principle of liberty. The slogan of democracy is “liberty, equality and fraternity”. Freedom of thought and expression is the backbone of democracy. The delays of law and economic disparities and injustice are undemocratic. Unfortunately, there is clear evidence of this in this country.

India today presents a picture of only the form of democracy, the outer frame work without the real content. Because of the growing selfishness, corruption, lack of equality tolerance and love, the undemocratic trends have intensified. The casteism, religious, fenaticisra have countered all efforts for social, political and economic equality. The weak and helpless masses exploited by the politicians. The independence of India is 58 years old now about 65% of the people as illiterate, so they are not able to enjoy the fruits of democracy. So people no longer believe in the politician’s promises. During the election’s, these politicians make tall and high sounding promises but never fulfill them. They came to the people only at the election time.

Here, the members of the state Assemblies or the parliament get elected usually by the power of their muscle and money. The days of election India are usually marked by highest number of murders, riots, booth capturing and the like. The number of members of assemblies and parliament with a serious criminal background is increasing day by day. As an old saying that “politics is the last resort of scoundrels’ come true in our country.

Freedom is stead abused through misuse. It is suppressed. We have not been able to live up to the promises enshrined in our constitution. The real culprits in this regard are the political leaders, big business groups and high officials. They have one point agenda i.e. self aggrandizement at the cost of everyone and everything else.

The law and order has become a very long drawn process in India and Police forces have failed to do their duty to the common man. Their activities are only for the politicians.

The political equality is meaningless in our democracy. Wealth is concentrated in a few hands. There is a broad disparities between haves and have nots. There is not set up to make the justice with these masses.

Money is dominating Indian politics. Black marketers and smugglers have countless politicians as their permanent patrons. The future of Indian democracy will depends on how we meet the challenges.