Essay Writing GOOD MANNERS


The word manner means ‘polite social behaviour’. One should always have good manners. A person is known by his manners. Everybody likes a well-mannered person. A bad-mannered person is discarded. To achieve calm and comfort in life, we ought to have good manners that may provide a smooth sailing to our social life. Good manner consists of showing the consideration and respect for the feelings of others. We should never hurt a person’s feelings knowingly. Politeness, sympathy, kindness and obeying the laws of the society fall under the purview of good manners. A well-mannered person never does things that are not likes by others. He is very tolerant. He never minds small inconvenience or bitterness. He is always cheerful. He is always well dressed. He never forgets the words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. A well-mannered person proceeds on the path of courtesies, which are sound investment for all of us. Good manners smoothen our lives and keep the machine of our life going. In order to achieve success and popularity in our life we should  adopt good manners. Those who are selfish, rude, rough and vulgar are disliked by all. They are looked with hatred and are condemned by all. We should therefore try to cultivate good manners so that we are liked and appreciated by all.