Essay Writing on A FOOTBALL MATCH


Games are generally played to develop good physique and to get mental recreation. So students and youth of the country should take pan in games like Hockey, Foot-ball, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc. These games help us to maintain our physique, ease mental stress and strain and provide entertainment for the players and the spectators.

Foot-ball is a game of strong muscles and powerful lungs. It requires quick running, clever manipulation and team spirit. I enjoy both seeing and playing this game. It gives exercise to every limb of the body. It takes away fat and tones up the body. It is not a costly game like cricket or tennis. This is why I like football game.

A foot-ball match was played at district level in our town sta­dium in last December. I liked and enjoyed it. The galleries of the stadium were all filled. I sat at a place where I could see the play closely. One player was my favourite hero. I knew him personally.

The match was played between our district players and jute mill employees. The district players always played a good positive game. They won zonal matches many times. The players of the other side were of national standard that turned up into professionals. The crowd was divided in supporting the players of both sides.

The match started at 330P.M. The district players were in green uniform and the jute mill players in blue uniform.

In the first half, the district players played from canal side and the mill players from the station side. A loud whistle from the ref­eree made the players enter the foot-ball field. The captain of the mill’s team won the toss and the play started with a short whistle from the referee. Assoon as the ball was given a short kick, the mill players passed the ball so cleverly that it was sent to the opposite goal post within a few seconds. The district players’ goal- keeper was alert and vigilant and he succeeded in blocking the ball which otherwise would have been a sure goal. A big sigh of relief and joyful shout from the spectators arose. Then the ball came to the centre with a kick from a full back who was a sturdy player. It came to the centre but the ball once more went towards the goal post of the district players. The whole play ground, it seemed for a while, was filled with blue uniform only. The mill players ultimately suc­ceeded in achieving a penalty corner in the 10lh minute of the play. They tried to convert it into a goal but could not as the goal keeper of the district players aggressively blocked the ball to the surprise of all. The whole stadium cheered the goal keeper for his superb ac­tion. The captain of the mill played with vengeance, kicked the ball with the help of his right half and centre forward to almost the goal line. My favourite player interfered and kicked it sideways which otherwise was a sure goal. Almost the whole of the first half was dominated by mill players but with no success. At 4 p.m. The ref­eree blew the long whistle and the play was stopped for 15 minutes.

The mill players were professionals and matured. The district players were comparatively young. In the second half they played actively with planning and co-ordination. Their spirited game at­tracted all of us in the stadium. The mill players who played impres­sively were disgusted and dejected a lot in the second half. This was probably because of their aggressive game in the first half. They were more tired than the district players. They did not display any interest in game in the second-half. Neither could they block the quick movement of the ball nor could they make any goal. In the second half my favourite hero played very well. He played a fury game. He along with the captain made the first goal in the 25th minute of the second-half. This brought victory to the district play­ers. The goal keeper of the mill players was not able to block the ball. The rest of the game was dominated by district players and the mill players defended the game but did not make any goal.

The match was played superbly from the start to the end with full tempo. It reached a climax and had a thrilling finish. The players kept the spectators spell bound. The match was full of thrills and gave a lot of pleasure. I was so impressed by the match that I re­member it even now.