Essay Writing on A JOURNEY BY AIR


My maiden flight by air was from Delhi to London. We reached the Indira Gandhi international airport at the right time for checking in. As we boarded the aeroplane, the air-hostess greeted us and directed us towards our seats. Then she introduced the crew- members of the aeroplane. We were asked to fasten the seat-belts. Our plane took off at the scheduled hour and rose higher and higher. I had my seat near the window. I looked through the window and saw things below looking so tiny. It looked as if we were going to a fairyland. Our plane flew very fast and smoothly without any bump or a jolt. It was very delightful to look at the scenery of different places that we passed over. We passed over a vast desert and Suez Canal. The ships below looked like toys floating in a small pond of water. The blue sea surrounding it was simply enchanting. We stopped at Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, for an hour. We had our dinner there. We came down again at malta for a little while. From there onwards, I was quite excited. I was anxious to have a glimpse of Paris, the capital city of the France. But when our plane was approaching France, strong wind began to blow. Fog blinded our view. I was greatly disappointed. Our plane finally landed at Heathrow airport, from there, we drove off to my uncle’s house in London. It was a very interesting and exciting journey and a new experience for me.