Essay Writing on A MARRIAGE PARTY


It is great joy to take part in a marriage party. We meet many old friends there. We also make new friends. There is a band. There are lights. There are sweets. There is great fun everywhere.

Last month I attended the marriage of my close friend, Aditya. After the Sehrabandi ceremony, my friend, the bridegroom, mounted a decorated mare in gala cloths. His family members and guest teamed themselves into a procession with musical band ahead playing beautiful tunes. Behind the mare was the bearer of the wedding umbrella. The girl parents were settled at Mumbai so first we went to Mumbai by train. There we were received with great honour. A lovely and was playing to accord us a great welcome. Breakfast was served at the station.

Then we boarded taxis and went to Andheri where we stayed in the guest house. Hearty lunch was served to us. We did a great justice to drinks. Then we had some rest and soon came the evening tea. Thereafter we had a sightseeing drive around the city.

At night there was the bridal party. My friend sat in a beautiful car. It was decorated with flowers. The band was playing. Many torches were lit. There were dancing girls to amuse the guests. The bridegroom was wearing a fine silk garment and a beautiful coloured turban on his head. There was a bodyguard beside him. The face of the bridegroom shone in the floodlights arranged around the open car. He looked like a victorious army commander. He attracted the attention of spectators on both sides of the road and passers-by. His robust health and personality seemed to have become an envy of the many old people ad young girls.

The procession went slowly to the Juhu beach. We entered a splendid house. The sea waves were singing just outside the bungalow at the back. It was a very interesting sight. The whole marriage party was very delighted. The marriage party was given a grand welcome. After serving dinner to the bridegroom and marriage party, there was a brief rest and then the wedding function was performed. The priest uttered many religious “mantras” before the sacred fire to the accompaniment of religious songs. Finally the bride and the bridegroom went round the wedding fire seven times and they were now man and wife. Thus the ceremony came to an end.

The marriage ceremony over we had to start on our journey back next morning. We had a welcome addition in the party- the bride. My friend was very happy. Weeping on the party by the bride’s next of kin was actually a ceremony. The bride was very happy because soon she was going to her home, real home where she will meet new people and start a new life. Our return journey was more colourful and full of joy.