Science is the greatest servant of man today. It is the Alladin’s Lamp and it hides a Jinn who does everything for the people. Whatever you say to the Jinn of science to do, it can do it at once and without delay.

We are living in the age of science. Without science we would have none of modern comforts and luxuries. Science has changed the complexion of the world. It has greatly added to human comfort. It has come to the help of man in every sphere of life.

Science has made human life comfortable and quite worth living. In winter we have heaters and in summer we have coolers. Refrigerators, cars and gas stoves have brought the benefits and blessings of science to the door of even the common men and women. Houses now have not only fans but even air conditioners. They make you enjoy winter during burning summer and feel cozy when it is freezing winter.

Science has relieved the housewife of much of her toil. Scientific gadgets cook meals, wash dishes and even clean clothes. There are vacuum cleaners which sweep the house better than any sweeper can do. Refrigerator preserves food and save it from being rotten. You can eat not only yesterday’s food but even last week’s food, kept fully fresh in the freezer. People preserve chicken and fish even for months in their freezer.

Travel has ceased to be of any cause of concern now-a-days. Gone are the days when people took months to travel even a hundred miles. Now you can cover thousands of miles by train, car or aeroplanes and reach your destination fresh and fine on the same day. You can have breakfast in New Delhi, lunch in London and take your dinner in New York. You can travel from one corner of the world to the other in safety and complete comfort. In the aeroplanes you are treated as a royal guest. Everything is available and most delicious dishes and drinks are served to you while you are up in the air.

Communication has also become very easy. You can talk to anybody in the world through telephone and wireless. Fax has made correspondence easy and quick. You can talk to people thousands of miles away almost at once. You can transmit message to any part of the world in no time. Radio has brought the whole world closer. Television brings living personalities home before our eyes. Whatever happens in the world is now happening to you also.

Science has also helped man in the war against illness and diseases. Doctors have found medicines for almost all kinds of troubles, Epidemics which wiped out the whole cities have become things of the past. Surgeons perform most intricate operations on the human body. They can cut any part of the body and remove the source of trouble without pain to the patient. X-ray photography/Lasers can locate any cause of trouble inside the body and make its cure easy.

Machines have made labour easy. Now one machine does the work of a thousand people. Science has come to the aid of the agriculturist through pesticides, fertilizers and tractors which have made farming easy and many times more productive. Now space travelling is also possible and human beings have gone up to the moon and they are soon going to other stars.

Robots and computers have taken away more and more activities of human beings. Robots can work in the factories, offices and houses like any human workers. Computer can do all the thinking of human beings. As more and more machines are coming into existence, human labour is becoming unnecessary. Where will it lead us? Science which is a blessing today may be a devilish curse in the future if misused.