Essay Writing on Corruption in Public Life

Corruption in Public Life

Corruption may be defined as the acceptance of bribes for doing some work for someone. In other words, it is the illegal way of taking rewards for rendering a service which is part of one’s normal duty.

Corruption is the biggest evil in our society. Incidents of corruption are always on the increase. It has become a fashion in public life. Leaders and administrators who are to take measures to prevent corruption often become agents of corruption. Corruption in its wider sense has always been there at all times. The evil of corruption is reigning in every field of India’s national activity. It is difficult to find an office where legitimate work is done speedily without bribes.

The main reason for corruption in India is the poverty of the country which has demoralised the nation as a whole, lack of integrity among the leaders, and the absence of moral content in education. The extent to which corruption may flourish in a country depends largely on the attitude of the public. In the case of India, it is one of indifference. Public indifference is the unconscious sanction to governmental corruption. This may be due to ignorance, but the main reason is historical. Corruption needs two.pre-requisites. Firstly, there must be a tendency on the part of an individual to accept gratification and secondly, he must have some influence over some sections of the public. In the past, corruption was confined only to the official. class. But after independence, the non-officials who came to power through election also joined this trade. In advanced democratic countries, elected representatives are men of character and integrity and they already have a profession. But in India, public workers are people who are politicians by profession. They try to get as much as possible by interfering in the day- to- day administration. These politicians demand bribes for transfers and postings. Anti-corruption departments in the states are themselves the seed-beds of corruption. The governments fail to take necessary action when a case is referred to them. Administration is weak and the implementation of government laws is defective.

Corruption eats into the society and ultimately ruins the economy. Slowly, the nation will get weaker and weaker. A corrupt society or nation has no morality. Such a nation may face the threat of internal weakness and external aggression. So, sincere efforts are to be made to eradicate corruption from public life. The immediate remedy for this is to separate the functions of politicians and officials.

The politicians and elected representatives should only lay down policies and should not meddle with daily administration. Men of integrity and dedication should come forward to replace the professional politicians. The long-term remedy to this problem lies in the building of a sound national character. The rulers should take the initiative to inspire the people with a sense of patriotism.   To achieve this, we should make our education ethical, moral and conducive to patriotism. The mass media should be effectively utilized to eradicate corruption. Above all, an atmosphere where honesty is appreciated and rewarded should prevail.

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