Essay writing on Hobbies


A hobby is a pleasant occupation which is not directly connected with one’s regular duties. It is generally pursued when a man is free from his daily work. It is an interesting activity of a person during his leisure time. A hobby is the best form of recreation to the mind and the body.

Regular work makes one’s life mechanical and monotonous. It causes physical and mental strain. But a hobby provides change and relaxation.   A hobby is a useful work in which one takes  interest and derives pleasure by doing it during free time. It is very essential for relaxation and to get amused during free time. Hobbies help one to spend one’s leisure profitably and pleasantly. A hobby not only gives us pleasure, but also helps us to earn money. In reality, a hobby is a change of work which is done for the main purpose of refreshing oneself. We pursue it for amusement and recreation. Hobbies give us mental and physical relaxation when we are tired of our daily work. We must have some leisure for our enjoyment. If we have no hobby, we cannot have a happy life.  A hobby keeps a person active and happy.

Different people have different tastes and interests. Hence, different people have different hobbies. Hobbies can be of many types. Some are intellectual while others are physical. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Intellectual people would like to spend their leisure in reading delightful books. Some people have the hobby of collecting stamps and coins. Photography is also a popular hobby, but expensive. Bird-watching is also a hobby for some people. Fishing and swimming are common hobbies. Then there are indoor hobbies like gardening, drawing, painting and playing cards. Whatever hobby one chooses, it should be such as to provide relaxation and pleasure without taxing one’s time or purse too much.

A hobby fills a gap. It can lift our spirit when we are depressed. It makes us creative. Many friendships are formed among people who have common hobbies. The unique tastes of a person can be developed with the help of good hobbies. A hobby eases our mind to be absorbed in something. We have something to show to our friends and something which educates and brings relaxation to a tired mind. Hobbies are constructive. They give the mind something positive to hold on. No one can make us miserable while we have an interesting hobby to turn to.

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