Essay Writing on JOURNEY BY BUS


It was 18 May. My annual examination was over. The school was scheduled to be closed for annual vacation from 20 May. I received a letter from my father to return home from hostel.

I packed up all the necessary goods and clothes and left hostel for home on morning 20th May. I had decided to travel by bus. I took a rickshaw for the bus stand and reached the bus stand in time to board the express bus to my home.

The bus started just at 10.30 a.m. From the bus the distance to my town is 86 km. It took about two hours to reach my destination. On the way there was a bus stand at Rora. It is small village on the highway. A family of four- husband wife and two children boarded the bus. The youngest child, a girl, was ill. Both the parents were looking after the child.

On the way the child became seriously ill and developed some complications. Both the parents got nervous and tried to console the child. All the passengers of the bus were sympathic and willing to help the family. Someone suggested the name of a doctor who had his dispensary nearly. The driver was kind enough to take the bus to the doctor’s dispensary. The doctor examined the child, gave some medicines and an injection. After sometime the child felt better and the bus moved forward. I reached my home about 1 hour late. My parents were glad to receive me.