Once there was a maxim, “fools make houses and wise man lives in them”. Now it is not true. Now the house owners feel themselves supreme. They make the tenant to understand that they are the undisputed king of the Empire.

It is a great sin to a tenant. The tenant has no right to lives as he wishes. If a nail is inserted, the house owner will enquire into. If any adjustment are made the tenant has to explain. The house owner will place all types of restriction on the movement of the tenant. He will keep watch on the visitors, friends and relatives who pay a visit to the tenant.

The tenant is expected to pamper the children of the house owner. Even if they disturb or damage the property or windows the tenant cannot protest. Even if the dog of the house owner does all sorts of nuisance the tenant cannot complain.

Every six months tenant is asked to increase the rent. All the time there is a danger of the sentence leave the house. For the rent no receipt is given. The tenant is expected to pay the major share of electricity bill whether he has consumed it or not.

There is a watch on the postman and letters. The tenant is very lucky if he receives his letters or postal articles. The relationship between the house owner and the tenant is normally issuing and receiving. All types of terms and conditions are made by the house owner and the tenant has to obey them. So long as strict rules are not made and implemented, the exploitation of the tenant cannot be removed or done away with. Tenant have to suffer.