Essay Writing on MY COUNTRY


My country is always fore-most in my thoughts. I can sacrifice everything, including my life for the sake of my country. I always think of my country having an honourable place in the comity of nations. Everybody is proud of his country and so am l.  It is my heartfelt desire to see my country progress by leaps and bounds.

I love my country, my motherland, India. I want to see her grow from strength to strength because weak nations attract invasions from powerful countries. Also a week nation has no right to exist. Weak nations are always devoured by powerful nations. Therefore, I wish to see my country powerful, economically and militarily. Only political independence will not help the country. Economic independence is necessary and must accompany political independence. And there is no doubt our country is heading towards economic independence through its five years plans.

India is a lovely country endowed with beautiful mountains, valleys, plains, rivers and forests. It has a long sea-coast. It has all types of climates to enjoy. It has majestic monuments and buildings of historical importance.

India is the biggest democracy of the world. We elect our own government through general elections. It is the representatives of the people who rule the country keeping in view the welfare of its citizens. India is a welfare state where the good of the people is foremost in the thoughts of its people and government.

India is the most populous country in the world, next only to China. Only weak thing is its human resources have not been properly harnessed so far. But now steps have been taken to tap this potential. However, the population explosion is also worrying the countrymen. Government of India is taking steps to check the growing trends in population through various family planning programmes.

India has had an old civilization and culture. Its traditions and culture are very rich. But some of them have now outlived their utility and the same are being shed through cultural and educational awakening. People are getting rid of superstitions and are becoming more scientific in their attitude towards life.

India is primarily a land of villages. Almost eighty per cent of its population live and work in the countryside. But the villagers are mostly illiterate and they are not able to catch up with modern science and technology. Now the state governments have decided to take up projects for their welfare. Also steps are being taken to educate them and train them to improve their lot through various welfare programmes like 20-point programme.

India of today, that is, modern India, is no more the land of magic as it was thought to be earlier. Now- a-days, India is marching on the road to development through industrialization and mechanization of agriculture. Our country is producing most of the industrial goods including aircraft’s and battle tanks.

I am very much proud of my country. If politicians avoid interfering with the various aspects of life and work with devotion and dedication India can still scale newer heights in every field of life.