Essay Writing on MY FAVOURITE BOOK


One of the striking and memorable books I read recently is ‘Hitler Paranja Sathyamgal’ by T.A. Mathews.

I purchased the book from a bookstall in Kottayam. Though the book is classified as ‘Biography” it is not merely a book of biography. It is an earnest and realistic attempt of the writer to evaluate Hitler, the man of historical importance, with the resources supplied to him by the historical events that extend for centuries.

Going ahead, we carry with us some beliefs and creeds, the authencity of which we never question or put to rethinking. If one dares to shed light to their uncladed form or question them with adequate evidence, at times one gets stunned. Hitler Paranja Sathyamgal’ is capable of creating such a feeling in a reader, no doubt.

When the ancient British King Macbeth know for his greatness, was reproduced as the embodiment of all vices in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we had the least hesitation to bail it out in the name of artist’s license. But when the author T.A. Mathews states with adequate evidence that Hitler, considered to be the incarnation of all the vices, is a man to be justified, the response of most of the readers will not be positive. The author is of the opinion that Hitler is a man to be evaluated on the basis of the state of affairs in Germany during his time.

We cannot go without giving ear to his words. With the systematically arranged incidents and well knitted historical realities for ages the author sheds light on the real man in Hitler. The author’s attempt to evaluate Hitler through a different view point and the realistic portrayal and the enjoyable narration make the work sublime. It is also notable for its aesthetic values.

The severe atrocities for which the Jews all over the world were subjected to during the period between 13th and 16th century AD were beyond words. Ten of thousands o Jews were brutally murdered in many parts of the world. They were often burned to death. Those murders were not committed by Hitler, but by the Catholic Church, the ancestors of the present apostles of peace and harmony who accuses Hitler of committing cruelty on Jews. Those murders of the bygone days are now treated as pious and blessed and then the philosophers and thinkers. They gave shape to a cruel Hitler by injecting in to him the spirit of German nationalism.

It was Fieshe, the great thinker and philosopher that exhorted the German people that they were the noblest race on earth. Netshe who pen was mightier than sword made the people believe that democracy was not the desirable system of govt. Germany masculinity was aroused by the great thinker Vagner. All these developments filled the German people with a spirit of nationalism. Hitler had no option but to act according to their will to strengthen it. It resulted in many activities said to be the atrocities on the Jews.

But all are now safe with the only expectation, Hitler. T.A. Mathews points his finger against this double standard in his work.

Though we cannot fully swallow all the arguments put forward by the author in favour of Hitler, the way by which his arguments are substantiated makes the book recommendable as worthy of reading.