Essay Writing on MY FAVOURITE BOOK


I read a lot of books. Books are our best friends. They give us knowledge and wisdom. They stand in our joys and sorrows. Among the books that I have read, I like the Ramayana by Tulsidas as the best. It is my favourite book. It is a storehouse of vast knowledge and values. It is a book that has been read for generations. This book is very interesting and instructive. It is the story of Lord Ram. It relates the story how Ram conquered Ravan- the victory of good over evil. It teaches us that we should obey our parents. We should love our younger ones. We should have high moral character. We should never break our promise. Like Bharat, we should respect and love elder brother and we should not take away the right of an elder brother. Like Lakshman, we should be dutiful should have extreme love for each other. We should not be selfish like Kaikeyi. We should not believe in what other people say. For Indian women, Sita is the ‘ideal’. She is the dutiful wife of Ram. The Ramayan teaches us the duty is more important than life. Like Ravan, we should not be proud. It was his pride that brought about his downfall. Thus, the Ramayan is full of teachings for everybody. I got this book as a birthday gift. I always keep it with me. I have read it a number of times. It guides me at every walk of life.