India is a vast country with about 90 crore people (1991 Census: 86 crore). There are large number of states and centrally administrated areas. There are also a large number of languages and dialects. All these create diversities.  Major religions are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Buddha. Besides these, there are many other religions prevalent in the country. This also causes diversities.

Profession are also many in the country. So there are wide income disparities and difference in living standards. People have wide difference in views, professions ad nature work. All these are to reduce to the minimum level to have uniformity in every level.

The approach to remove all these diversities is to have national integration in its proper meaning. All the people must have the same approach and target to have prosperity for the nation. All the difference of language, religion, caste and class must be discarded and have national integration.

Existence of different language in the country cause so many complexities and difficulties. For a smooth development of the country there must not be any language barrier. It will enhance the free flow of ideas amongst men of different areas and using different language.

Different religions of the nation divide the people in different segments. It may also develop religious sentiments against each other. Religious fanaticism may, at times, causes, riots, conflicts and even war. Hence, religious tolerance is a must. It helps the national integration.

In India there is a wide disparity of outlook, attitude and behavior among the rural and urban areas. It is injurious to national unity and integration. Thus, all these weakness are to be removed fully.

In the absence national integration country loses the unity and become weak and scattered. It weakened the national integration and the entire population has socio-economic disadvantage. Economic prosperity is possible only through the national integration. Communal or language riots weaken the nation so utmost efforts are to be made to attain national integration.