Essay Writing on PATRIOTISM


Patriotism in its simplest term means love for one’s country. It is a natural instinct in us. In the early days families clung together to save themselves from wild animals. Thus many families joined together to make a tribe. Tribe made the nation. We show our love t our country in many ways. We wave our national flag on special occasions. We cheer the speeches of our national leaders.

True patriotism is more than just raising slogan. It is to identify ourselves with nation. People everywhere have done great things for their country. Joan of Arc liberated France from the British. Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar and Sudhash Chandra Bose made supreme sacrifices for the sake of their country. Such men can never be forgotten. In Africa Mandela fought against ‘racism’ for years and ultimately won. He is a great leader for his country.

Genuine patriotism is a sentiment of which we can always be proud. But there is another kind of patriotism also. It is actually self-interest under the guise of national love. It is this sentiments leads to the black-marketers to give money to the National Relief Fund. They make money by foul means to gain a name and then donate a little of it.

True patriotism is great virtue. We must develop it in us. But we should not hate other nations for the sake of our own. That is not patriotism. True patriotism does not tell us to hate others.