Essay Writing on ROAD ACCIDENTS


Road accidents are widespread these days. There is so much of traffic on the roads. The condition in Delhi and Mumbai is most terrible. According to the latest information by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2008, 14 people die in every hour in road accidents in India. The total annual death due to road accidents has crossed 1.18 lakh, according to the same report. In addiction 4.69 lakh people wounded in road accident; it is nearly four times the total death toll. As per the annual National Crime Recodes Bureau Reports, road accidents have the highest (37.1%) share of unnatural causes of accidental deaths in the country.

Trucks or Lorries and two wheelers were to blame for over 40 percent deaths. The hurry during afternoon and evening hours were the serious phases. The reports also defined the periods between 3-6pm are the most accident prone phase, during the day. Traffic experts said accident races were high during these periods because drivers felt anxious out and were often half-asleep while driving. Early morning hours are also likewise, critical. Mumbai tops in accidental death. The largest figures on accidental death in 2008-2009 show that Mumbai accounted for 18.5 percent of the total number in 35 mega cities. Road unruliness by motorists who disobey traffic regulations and rules has been cited as the most important reason of road accidents.