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Science – A Menace to Humanity  or Disadvantages of Science

This is an age of science. Science has changed the face of the world. It gave electricity, electronics, telephone, Aeroplane and several other things for the pleasure and comfort of man. It has minimized the sufferings and increased the happiness of man.

Science has become a curse to humanity today. The evils that it has showered on man wash away its advantages. Science is responsible for wars and deadly modem weapons like long-range remote-controlled and radar-guided missiles, poisonous gases, bio­logical weapons, warships, sophisticated aircraft, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and neutron bomb that can destroy the whole world in no time. Such weapons are amassed by the developed nations in large numbers. Scientists are busy making further advances in the field of armaments. The Star War Project developed by the U.S.A will carry the struggle in the space and it will lead to large-scale pollution. All these result in causing havoc and large-scale destruction. Large-scale deaths ruin thousands of families and destroy homes and factories. All these cause widespread difficulties, unemployment and poverty.

Nuclear energy created by science has become a menace today. The nuclear power plants pose a very serious danger. The Chernobyl blast in the former Soviet Union spread radiation all around. The radiation after the blast affected plant life and animal life in many parts of Europe. Thousands of people died and thousands are suffering from cancer and other evil diseases. Millions of people are still ill in Hiroshima and Nagaski due to the explosion of atom bombs. When millions of people die of starvation, more than fifty percent of the budget is being spent on war equipments. Out of mutual fear and suspicion, India and Pakistan do this. The money which could have been used for feeding the starving people is being spent to make the world a fire-cracker shop.

Pollution of different types is a curse brought about by science. Arms race and nuclear explosions are polluting the atmosphere. The world is threatened with radiation hazard. Dreaded diseases like cancer are spreading due to nuclear and other chemical pollutions. Thousands of bombs move round the earth in artificial satellites. If they explode in space, the ozone layer would be disturbed and the earth would suffer from direct radiation from the Sun. Ozone holes are formed due to certain chemicals used in the cooling system and in the manufacture of plastic goods. The smoke and pollution left by big industries is spoiling the whole atmosphere. The poisonous gas let out by industries would ultimately pollute the ocean and kill the living organisms there.

Today any work can be done by machines. Thus industrialization and mechanization brought urbanization, unemployment and unequal division of wealth. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer. Manual labour is forgotten with the increased healthy competition as well as to perpetual efforts. Once it becomes a habit, it enters all our activities. Games and sports inculcate in us a sense of sportsmanship. We enjoy also the victory of our rivals and shake hands with them. It is not the victory that counts, but how we played the game. It is on the games field that the young learn to take victory or defeat in a sporting spirit. This is a lesson which is necessary throughout life.

The importance of sports and games in life was realized from ancient times as is shown by the origin of the Olympics. Today, they are given importance from school and college level to the international level. Sports and games have helped to promote good will among the nations of the world. Since the aim of education is the all-round development of a person, sports and games should be given the same importance as any other subject in the curriculum. Thus, it is clear that sports and games have many physical, mental and moral uses.

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