Essay Writing on TELEVISION


Science has brought many wonders to this world. It has changed it completely. Television is one of the wonders of science. It is the latest scientific invention in the field of audio vision. In an age of science and technology, television has created a niche for itself in the hearts of people of all age-groups and sections. Hardly is there any home without a television set. It is needed by all- the rich and the poor and the young and the old alike.

The television is an improvement on the radio. We can see the face of singer or speaker on the screen of television set. Television has become very popular. People see all important programmes in TV sitting at home.

Lessons are telecast for the students of middle classes and senior secondary classes twice a day in TV. The morning lessons are meant for the first shift and day shift schools. The same lessons are repeated in the afternoon for the second shift schools. The students of middle classes are taught English, science, math’s, social studies and Hindi through television. Only best teachers are selected to give lessons on the television. After watching the lessons on the television set students are greatly benefitted.

A number of interesting programmes are telecast in TV part from news. Besides feature film in Hindi and regional languages are also shown as part of entertainment. There are special programmes for youth and teenagers. National festivals and sports events are also telecast regularly. A number of television channels are now available. Thus TV has a dominant role to play in human lives.