Essay Writing on THE BEGGARS


A country with surplus population and numerous religion places have many beggars. In India also, all types of beggars are found in large numbers. These beggars include children, women, disfigured, handicapped, diseased and professional.

Sometimes children of tender ages are stolen or kidnapped by undesirable gangs and get them trained for begging. Sometimes the unfortunate ones are disfigured also. It is done by the “rackets” on the belief that, “more a candidate is handicapped and pitiable; he has better chance of having more aims”. For this, the people associated with rackets make the conditions of beggar pitiable.

Most beggars are found near religious centres, railway stations, bus terminals, specific roads, Ganga Ghats, hospitals etc. In these places the beggars have better chance of doles and alms. A beggar, who is able to raise psychological sympathy, can have better results.

Now beggary has been prohibited but the law is almost ineffective for the lack of implementation. It has not received people’s support. It is true that most people do not like these beggars. It has been found that many beggars are not really beggars or poor. For them, begging is a profession, by which they can earn without doing any physical work. Beggary is a social evil and curse for the nation.